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Product ID: KX-TDA100DBP
Category: Hybrid PBX
Brand: Panasonic
Brochure: KX-TDA100.Configuration.Sheet



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A Comprehensive Solution Tailored to Efficiently Meet
Your Communication Needs
Today and in the Future


Combining the benefits of traditional telecommunications with the advantages of contemporary IP technology, Panasonic’s KX-TDA100D Hybrid IP-PBX System provides the features and flexibility to handle all of your corporate communication needs — both today and in the years ahead. Incorporating an impressive array of advanced corporate telephony functions in a cost-effective package, the IP-enabled KX-TDA100D offers a wide range of capabilities to optimise your company’s communications. Solutions such as Wireless Mobility give you the freedom to respond to important calls when you are away from your desk or moving around the office, while advanced call centre functions make it easy to distribute calls, manage agents handling calls, and control internal use of the phone system, improving communication efficiency and allowing you to serve customers more effectively.

Total Number of Trunks : 7 (One T1, E1, PRI30, or IP-GW4 card counts as 2 cards)
Total Number of Extension : 7
Telephone : 176 (One T1, E1, PRI30, or IP-GW4 card counts as 2 cards)
SLT : 128
KX-T7600 series DPT : 104
IP-PT : 112

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