Outstanding Features with Built-In Quality
Caller ID (FSK/DTMF) Compatible*
KX-TSC11MX is suitable for each technical standard of Caller ID service (Bellcore, ETSI and DTMF). The 2-Line LCD displays caller’s information. You can know who’s calling before you answer.

50-Station Caller ID Memory*
Up to 50 Stations can be stored, you can recall and call back easily.

50-Station Speed Dial
Lets you store and quickly dial as many as up to 50 frequently called phone numbers.

Up to 20 Stations Redial Memory
The last 20 numbers dialed will be stored and can be re-dialed instantly.

2-Line LCD Display with Clock
The convenient 2-Line LCD displays the entire caller’s information, time and date, dialed numbers, duration of call and call counter with 4-level contrast control.

Navigator Key for Easy Operation
The navigator key lets you easily control your 50-station speed dialer as well as easily access to the Caller ID memory.

Dial Lock
Using a numerical code you can lock (and unlock) the dialing keypad. Outgoing calls can not be dialed, while Incoming calls can be answered.
*Requires subscription to Caller ID offered by certain telephone companies for a fee. Please check with local Telephone Company for details and availability.